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A great coworker can help you look forward to going to work eachday. An annoying coworker, on the other hand, can make you want to hideunder the covers. Do you recognize any of the top six most annoying coworker types? 一个好的同事能够让你每天都期盼着去上班。相反,让人讨厌的同事会让你想要躲得远远的。你是否认识这六种最让人讨厌同事中的某一种人呢?

The Psst-er 喜欢说闲话者:

Gossipers were the number one pet peeve in the survey. While some people like to hear juicy tidbits about the boss or their colleagues, too much gossip can undermine thespirit of the workplace. Plus you're always wondering when the Psst-erwill make you the topic du jour. 调查中显示喜欢说闲言碎语的人是最让人讨厌的。虽然有些人喜欢听一听老板或同事的花边新闻,但是太多的闲言碎语会破坏职场的精神。另外,你还要一直提防着他们什么时候会说你的闲话。

The Broken Clock 慢条斯理者:

These coworkers stink at time management.They're routinely late for everything, including work. They tend tospend too much time on emails, take long lunches, and then scramble to get others to help them meet their deadlines, which, for some reason, they keep missing. 这些同事在时间管理方面特别烂。他们做什么事情都迟到,也包括工作。他们比一般人花在邮件上的时间要多,吃午饭的时间要长,然后匆匆忙忙的向他人寻求帮助来赶在期限之前完成工作,但是因为某些原因,他们总是会赶不上工作期限。

Mold Guy 制造臭味者:

Coworkers who mess up communal spaces were third on the list ofworkplace pet peeves. Their month-old leftovers sport a thick layer offur in the company fridge. Every office seems to have at least one who stinks up shared spaces. 弄脏办公场所环境的同事排名第三位。他们每个月的剩果皮都堆满了公司的冰箱。每个办公室似乎都会有一个以上的会弄臭公共环境的人存在。

The Whiffy Wonder 发出刺鼻气味者: You can smell these coworkers wafting about from the other end of the office. They just wear too much perfume or cologne. Some have an obsession with Obsession. Others feel the need to douse themselves with Old Spice. And hiding in your cubicle won't make the over powering smell go away. 你在办公室的另一端都可以闻到这些同事身上发出的刺鼻的气味。他们打了太多的香水或香膏。有些人对香水痴迷,有些人则认为应该让香水把自己包围起来。而且,即使躲在你的小空间也无法赶走这些刺鼻的气味。

The Cracker 吱吱作响者:

Crackers are loud. They crack loud jokes, they crack their knuckles,they crackle their chewing gum, they clank spoons in coffee cups likethey're calling the cows to come in from the fields. People who worknear crackers can find themselves ready to crack. 吱吱作响者是很吵的。他们大声地说笑话、大声地弄得关节吱吱作响、大声地嚼口香糖、大声地搅拌杯子里的咖啡,就好像他们想换来田野里的牛一样弄出很大的响声。在这些不停制造噪音的人身旁工作,会发现自己的脑袋马上就要炸裂了。

The Tapper 轻声敲键盘者:

Tappers are generally quieter than Crackers. Butthat doesn't make them any less annoying when they're tap-tap-tappingon their personal communication devices during meetings. It's distracting, rude, and yes, just plain annoying! 轻声敲键盘的人要比吱吱作响者安静,但是这也不会让他们更讨人喜欢,因为他们在开会期间不停地敲自己的通讯设备,不停地发出噪音。这些噪音让人分心、烦躁、还有,是的,就是让人很烦。

The one positive aspect of these annoying coworkers is that theytend to unite the rest of us who can bond over the latest outrageousoffense. 这些讨人厌的同事唯一的好处就是能让我们这些能够忍受这些无耻的冒犯的人团结起来。

Besides laughing at the insanity, here are some other ways to cope: 除了嘲笑这些同事的愚蠢之外,以下是一些应对的措施:

1. Even the most annoying types may annoy you less if you loveeverything else about your job. Take the free career test to find a jobyou absolutely love. 如果你对工作中的其他事情有热情的话,即使是最让人讨厌的同事也不会让你那么讨厌了。做一些免费的职业测试,找一份你绝对会热爱的工作。

2. If you find yourself subject to one or more of theseannoying types and they're driving you batty, it may be time to find anew job that offers greater job satisfaction, with fewer obnoxiouscoworkers. 如果你发现自己身边有一个甚至更多个这些让人讨厌的同事,他们的行为让你快疯了,那么可能就是时机重新找一份能给你带来更多的满足感,也没有那么多让人厌烦的怪同事的新工作了。

3. If you find that all of your coworkers get under your skin,you may be better off working for yourself with the power to selectyour own co-workers. 如果你发现所有的同事都让你不满意,那么最好的可能就是自己创业,这样你就有权利选择自己的同事了。

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